How I love our two paintings of yours we bought years ago. Now we live in Spruce Head and I dream of a gull painting, or a sunflower painting, or a surf’s up on the rocks painting. Sigh.
-- Wendy Palm, 12/1/22

So great to see all your beautiful work. I hope to see you and your art, in person some day. I live in Florida, and Gale Albury wants me to visit again,soon. You are an inspiration, as I dabble in acrylics, without an art education. My regret is not following that path. I am glad you did...your works are amazing. You always wore your heart on your you extend it with the brush. Love & hugs dear classmate.
-- Donna (Infusino) Olson, 4/11/22

Alison, Just watched a documentary of women painters on Monhegan and found you and this page via Google. I enjoy your work a great deal. I am wondering how up-to-date the painting "sold" status is? Best wishes, Doug
-- Doug Currie, 3/6/21

My sister in law clued me in. Really nice painting, congrats. Affordable too (unless you've just bought a too expensive vintage guitar). Maybe later on. keep working, working - it's very much worth it.
-- Will Quigley, 2/26/21

Wonderful work what are you working on now? .
-- Bill Robitzek , 1/9/21

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-- Add Hunters, 3/3/20

I don't know if you remember me? We hung out for a while in late 72 and early 73 in Newport. I've seen some of your paintings and thought they were very enjoyable. Hope all is well.
-- Patrick A. Richards, 2/19/20

send us your new paintings
-- Michael Mcclain, 8/16/19

Beautiful and sensitive pet portraits. Please add me to your mailing list.
-- Deb Martin, 5/10/19

Hi Alison, We meet a few weeks ago at the "treetops" dinner with Rick Daskam and the rest of us that were there. Im the cancer guy, lol! I just wanted to say your work is very inspiring and I've been enjoying exploring your site. From what I've seen, you've had to have paint every inch of the island! I look forward to running into next year. All the best to you! Sincerely, Dave Bacchiocchi
-- David Bacchiocchi, 9/19/18

I’ve lived in Maine since I came to art school 25 years ago, I’ve wanted to go to Monhegan since then, last weekend I went and fell madly in love! I saw your painting in down east attached to the island inn, I loved it! Think I saw you painting are an inspiration immediately hope to be your neighbor someday. All the best thanks for doing what you do! Kb.
-- Krishnabai Lescault, 7/26/18

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-- Gene Beason, 2/16/18

Hi Alison! My husband and I met you just a few weeks ago. I love your work and also heard that you rent part of your house out to visitors. Can you tell me the cost and how many it sleeps. Also, I would be interested in taking a couple days of morning lessons with you if this would be of interest. Thanks for creating a better world through your amazing art!
-- Jacinda Cotton-castro, 7/23/17

Beautiful work, Alison. Enjoyed talking with you on the boat to Port Clyde. When I told my band mate, Harry Spring, I'd been to Monhegan, he said, oh, I know an artist who lives there. And, of course, it was you. Take care. We'll be sure to stop by on our next visit.
-- Bill Thomas, 6/24/17

It seems like a long time since I visited Monhegan with my sons and partner, now my husband as of a week ago. We have your fabulous painting hanging in our entrance hall, so I am reminded daily of that treasured trip and the visit to your gallery. And it also reminds me of watching you paint it and longing to own the finished work. Thank you so much for letting me purchase it. It is a treasured painting and beckons me to come back one of these days. It's pretty happy to be by the sea here in Camarillo, California.
-- Amy Bertorelli, 6/25/16

Met you last July thru Cloris out by the gulls and rocks, your work,sorry to hear about the fire......perhaps will meet again on Monhegan. , a fello painter.....
-- Susan Henry, 4/14/16

Cape Porpoise
-- Filament Creative Strategies, Inc., 4/13/16

This website is very interesting to visit and very interesting article to read, the information may be useful.
-- Lina, 1/21/16

Hi Allison. I hope it jogs your memory we have been to your studio this past and the summer before. Just took a beautiful journey through your work here. Wonderful work! We hope to see you this summer if we invited by the community church. Take card. Sincerely, Jim and Wendy
-- Jim & Wendy Butler, 11/30/15

Beautiful work and such a pleasure meeting you. I will forward to seeing your works.
-- Deborah Witham , 11/29/15

We have been coming to Monhegan for 30 years and just discovered your gallery this summer. So glad we did.
-- Lori Ridley, 11/15/15

Hi Allison, My friend, Megan, commissioned your work this summer. I believe you are painting an oil of each of her children and a pastel of them combined. I would LOVE to talk with you about portraits of my own children (ages 6, 4 and 1). Your work is stunning. Would love to also know your turn around time (approximate, of course!) We just moved from Nantucket Island a few years ago and your style feels like home! Thank you so much! Brianne
-- Brianne Cobb, 10/8/14

Beautiful artwork. Went into your studio on Monhegan yesterday (8/9/14) and fell in love with "Museum in Winter" - Looking around home for placement.
-- Lyle Jones, 8/10/14

Bob & I are looking forward to seeing you again, Alison, during our weekly stay the beginning of September. Love your wonderful art works. Have a great summer. All the best! Barbara 5/26/14
-- Barbara Oliver, 5/26/14

You paint the way I want to. Dave
-- David Blanchard, 5/19/14

Hi Alison, Sitting here in Florida sweltering and getting ready to head back to NH. We're ready. How many books can we read in one week?! We have work to do on our house! Just thought of seeing your paintings on our walls and smiled. Wendy
-- Wendy Palm, 4/24/14

Looking good Ali!
-- Gary Melvin & Nancy Sheets, 2/23/14

I was looking for your phone number, and looked for you website......WOW ! You are something great ! See you as soon as life drawing starts up against. Del
-- Del Babb, 12/19/13

Alison is a true inspiration.
-- Alison Jewett, 10/29/13

Alison - meeting you and seeing your gallery was a thrill! Your work brings Monhegan to life time and again.with such passion! Hope to be there for the 400th celebration... and to again see you!
-- Betty Armstrong, 9/25/13

Love your work, it was great to meet you.
-- Jill Trear, 9/3/13

It was a thrill to meet you, Alison... your work never stops astounding and thrilling me. Perhaps we will soon own another original Alison Hill, another dream come true!
-- Betty Armstrong, 8/3/13

Hi Alison, I may have gone to Notre Dame Academy in Hingham in1969..hope you are well,If you have a moment, give me a relply,,your work is so good!!! Anne Engel
-- Anne Engel, 5/10/13

I love your work -- each time I am in Monhegan, I am struck by the color, composition, and liveliness in your paintings. Each piece sings.
-- Diana Zipeto, 8/26/12

This was my second time on the island, saw you painting by the beach, incredible! I visited your gallery..loved it..your energy is quite soothing!
-- Maria Simili-croteau, 7/16/12

You're work is all beautiful!
-- Kathi Cobb, 7/4/12

I admire your work, Alison. Glad i have had the opportunity to meet you in class. What is the name of your studio gallery on Monhegan?
-- David Blanchard, 5/26/12

Love your work. Bought a little oil of a Monhegan cape last summer and would love a painting of "downtown"....or Kathy's garden.....don't have much $$$......will start saving!
-- W Palm, 5/17/12

Love your work! Can I just tell you that a few years back I tore out a picture of you holding up a painting of yours from a mag. I've had it posted on my wall since and I wrote on it the words ' me in a few years' I'm still workin on it!
-- Janel Eleftherakis, 4/13/12

We have been coming to Monhegan for 5 years and look forward to visiting your studio each time.
-- Val Seeley, 1/22/12

While painting at Monhegan in September, I stopped by your gallery. Really loved your work! Your self portrait, in particular, was spectacular.
-- Ken Dorros, 12/15/11

Love your extraordinarily beautiful Monhegan images and painting style.
-- Jack & Betty Armstrong, 10/12/11

Allison, Friends and I are interested in a workshop. Please get in touch with us if you are having one. Thanks. Nina Rupp
-- Nina Rupp, 10/10/11

I love your work.
-- Kit Munroe-myers, 7/26/11

Nice paintings but I did not see the smaller wreck similar to the one you sold.Is it at another site ?
-- Fred Elwell, 7/18/11

Hi Alison, It was a pleasure meeting this past week (I was the tall guy with the bright yellow Dunkin Donuts shirt). Please let me know if you have any workshops, especially anything figurative. Russ
-- Russ Cox, 7/17/11

Fantastic work!
-- Kit Munroe-myers, 6/13/11

I probably sound like a broken record or should I say CD, but I love Monhegan and I love the way you capture it and it's special light in your work.
-- Brad Sherman, 5/25/11

I have an old issue of Cottage Living 2005 with your article cut out. It's with my painting inspiration stuff. Great to see all your winter stuff. The MFA has a great winter painting of Rockwell Kent in the new Americas wing. You'll be there too some day!.
-- Andy Carpentier, 5/11/11

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