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First time I saw Alison’s work, I got tears to my eyes. The beauty of it touched me emotionally in a way I can’t describe. A must see on Monhegan Island, ME.
-- Claire Gagnon, 6/4/22

Alison, On the coast of NC here today the heat index reached 106, which reminded me that I needed to make my ferry reservation, which reminded me to let you know how much I have enjoyed the commissioned portrait that you did of my two girls. I thought about having you do it for several years, finally did it, and I'm so glad that I did. It gives me more pleasure than any piece of artwork that I own. Thank you, Bob Dodge
-- Bob Dodge, 6/22/15

Alison, It was a pleasure to meet you today. Mary and I are so excited about our purchases. They will be well displayed in Richmond, VA! You have such a great talent and use it so well. Let us know if you make it our way any time soon. Best, Dick Fowlkes
-- Dick Fowlkes, 9/6/14

I believe I took a picture of you last week working on this painting. Could you tell me the price...I would love to consider purchasing it. We were on Monhegan (my sons and partner) for a week, staying at the Charles House. I visited your gallery. If you would like to have the picture I took of you, I'd be happy to send it as an attachment to an email. I love your work and this one particularly. Amy
-- Amy Bertorelli, 8/31/14

Love the way you capture that special Monhegan Light!
-- Brad, 5/18/11

 Alison HillMonhegan, ME207 596 7231