Alison, you are amazing! You put you heart and soul in every picture!
-- Maggie Obernier, 3/27/11

Alison, you are amazing! You put you heart and soul in every picture!
-- Maggie Obernier, 3/27/11

Thanks for stopping by today. I look forward to recieving my pastel. I appreciate your knidness.
-- Jim , 2/10/11

Hi Alison, I stumbled across your work on FaceBook....enjoyed your site. Your nudes are especially very strong work. Best wishes
-- Lori Ellsworth, 1/9/11

Hi Alison, Purchased a nude study this summer-your Mom was holding down the fort and we had a lovely conversation. Short story- my sister loved it! can't wait until nxt summer and return to Monhegan. Wishing you the best always, Susan Fry
-- Susan Fry, 1/3/11

Enjoyed meeting you at your studio this June, and made it to your show in Newport. Your work is terrific! The scenes of Monhegan are so compelling. I can't wait to go back next summer to paint there again. Best wishes and continued success!
-- Rick Cardoza, 11/29/10

Really appreciated receiving this link. Your painting is beautiful. You really capture the atmosphere of Monhegan. Thanks.
-- Barbara Chase, 11/22/10

I really enjoyed your exhibit at the Spring Bull Gallery in Newport which I visited yesterday. I really like your work and am sure I will be purchasing one of your pieces in the near future once I find some wall space in my house! Monhegan seems like a really neat place to visit and look forward to getting there some time in the near future. Steve
-- Stephen Carll, 11/15/10

Hope to hear from you soon.
-- Patricia Szydlo, 11/13/10

Hi Alison, I hope all is well up there in Maine. Miss you. Saw your sister at the Art Museum lawn show selling her jewelry. I love your painting of the beach houses. I am going to enter your site now. When are you coming to Newport? I will go to the gallery on Bellevue Avenue to see your paintings. Vicky
-- Victoria Roach, 11/13/10

-- Carole-anne Centre, 11/13/10

I so love your work!
-- Jean Sipos, 11/12/10

Your work moves me. I love your composition and style. Reminds me of when I was in Cape Cod. I admire the way you create your rocks with beautiful planes and detail.
-- Sherry Solow, 10/12/10

i love it!!!!
-- Siobhan Green, 10/4/10

OMG, your stuff is lovely, I do watercolors, mostly beach scenes, your stuff is so soft for oils and I just love them, I am sending your website info to my sister Marilyn who is head of the art curriculum in Clinton MA public schools
-- Linda Parsons, 9/28/10

Alison, Love the site,.......the work and had hoped to see you in person in the past week or so, but could not get out there. Keep up the great work and see you in 2011.
-- Kevin Irvin, 9/25/10

Hey Alison - I'm thinking of doing a TV ad. Would like to use a few images from your website. Any problem with this? Tell me a fee for H/S and animal pastels from photos. Best, Pat
-- Pat Young, 9/21/10

Hi Allison, I talked to you yesterday while you were painting the boat-wreck at Lobster Point (not sure if it is point). Looked up your work. Very nice. Good to meet you. Barbara Chase
-- Barbara Chase, 9/21/10

Very nice. Looking forward to talking with you more about this.
-- Jim, 9/1/10

nice website and nice work Alison. I will be on the Island September 7th to September 17th with a friend. Staying in Monhegan House. Are you going to be around?
-- Diane Scott, 8/22/10

See you soon!
-- Suzanne Hill, 7/11/10

Hi Alison! Do you remember me? I wrote about you for Down East magazine. I loved visiting you on Monhegan and hope to make it back one day.
-- Ginny Wright, 7/11/10

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